5 things you can do to make your specially-abled partner feel better

If you have a big heart, the following five points will help you through your relationship
By Carol Williams

Genuine love knows no boundaries and does not see the significant other negatively. However, many people lack the knowledge and strength to date or marry their specially-abled partners. 

You may be sceptical and your mind filled with many questions without answers. It is okay not to let them in if you are not sure you want to live with them. Blindly getting into their lives may cause more miseries to their already suffering lives. 

If you have that big heart, the following five points will help you through your relationship or marriage life.

1. Seek Professional Medical Help for Them

Although some people who face physical challenges are naturally born that way but some result from diseases or accidents. If your partner requires medical support, ensure you get a professional medic to help them. 

They also require specific treatments that you might not provide as much as you would wish. You may think you can provide the treatment on your own and do everything independently but you should find a medical professional to train you till the time you can help your partner on your own.

Overstaying in a single place for too long is usually dull and can let them sink into depression. It would be best if you consider getting a mobility scooter to enable them to move to different places. 

2. Avoid Special Treatment of Any Kind

They already feel they are unique. Giving them special treatments makes them think you are too compassionate for them - you demean them. That's not what you want them to feel.

Instead, creatively dividing chores or commitments can help them feel they are adding value to your life. Consider what can work best for them in their wheelchairs. They can cook or fold laundry while you work outside. Make them participate in anything, or otherwise, they may end up feeling sad and negative towards life.

3. Give Them Emotional Support

Being specially-abled, one needs someone to embrace them, hug them tightly and appreciate them for who they are. You should show your partner love gestures, assure them of your lifetime presence, and encourage them in all ways.

Many differently-abled people tend to have lower self-esteem. Sometimes, they feel less important. In this case, provide your partner with the space to feel heard, ask them questions, make their feelings valid. 

Physical touch can be significant for your partner. A simple cuddle or arm contact while walking boosts positivity towards life.

Saying simple words like 'I love you' gives immeasurable joy to partners. It helps them navigate all the hardships they are battling, especially from within. 

Small gifts can also go a long way in revitalizing your partner's emotions. They should not be expensive gifts. Any present helps them appreciate life and the relationship as well.

Defend their respect in public. Learn to tolerate their emotional reactions because most of them tend to be fragile just because of the many hardships they have been through.

4. Ask Them Before Offering Help

Helping people with physical challenges could be kind of you. It's natural to offer them a helping hand, especially when they are using their supportive aids. However, most people may not appreciate it when you think you are doing them good as forceful help may hurt them emotionally.

Remember, these people are in a constant fight for independence. Helping them without their consent makes them feel they are incapable of living on their own.

Whenever you see your partner struggling too much to load their car, carry the shopping cart around in the mall, or do a challenging task at home, ask them politely if they don't mind your help. Grasping their luggage or pushing their wheelchairs without asking them might not turn out good, at least in their hearts.

5. Avoid Being Too Positive

Your partner can read your mind. When you're over positive towards them, they quickly know you might just be sympathizing. This behaviour, to them, is the same as not appreciating them. They will feel offended. 

Instead, be the real you. Don't be afraid to point out mistakes, don't shy off to express how bad your day at work has been. Let your partner be an essential part of your life by sharing your emotions with them too. Let them tell you, "It's gonna be right, darling." This role gives them courage and makes them feel paramount and a good friend to you.

Final Thought

Having a partner who is facing the above-mentioned scenario is not an easy journey. It takes a lot of sacrifice and determination to make a happy marriage. However, knowing the right things to do can help. Try the tips you have learned so far to foster a happy relationship or marriage with your partner.

(Edited by Aparmita Das)

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