Echo to release new music video directed by Kamki Diengdoh

Echo’s first official music video Paanchi will be soon release through State of Mind production (Shillong) in collaboration with Studio Octave (Haflong).

The video was directed by the renowned director from Shillong, Kamki Diengoh. Kamki is known for his various works with artists like Lucid Recess, Press Select, Khlem Ma Me – A Khasi rock song and many other musicians of the region. Most of his works have been broadcast on Music Television of India.

Echo are:

Vocals- Manoj
Guitars/ Samples- Vishal
Bass- Monesh
Drums/ Percussion- Tapan

Here’s the Promo of the music video

Directed by – KamkiDiengdoh​
Concept by Nathaniel Nampui Majaw​, Kamki Diengdoh and Benji Syiem
Camera & Editing by Kamki Diengdoh
Aerial Video by Light Park Studios​
2D Animation by Benji Syiem
Featuring Shewta Bhandari and Daker Thabah
Production Crew – Mike Dkhar​, Hit Phang​
Make-up by Lari

(TNT News)

Video: Kamki Diengdoh