‘Dream Job’- A dream that seldom comes true, but why?

‘Dream Job’- A dream that seldom comes true, but why?


Childhood days are the best days when while growing into an adult, we can choose to dream about our career, our passion and who we aspire to become. We are often asked by our elders who we aspire to be? And likewise our answer would be a doctor, an engineer, an actor or may be a police officer.


Step by step as we move further we seem to forget what dreams we dreamt of, what was the passion that we were willing to pursue with single-minded devotion? The youths come halfway and suddenly we lean back out of fear. What may be the reason that pulls someone and forces them to let go of their dreams and ambitions?

Is this the future of the tribal community or the state? Are we stagnating because we are unable to think out of the box even where careers are concerned? Yet every household is agonizing because their employable sons and daughters are unable to find a job.

The literacy rate in Meghalaya stands at 72. 89 per cent. The number of educated unemployed youths in the district headquarters is around 39,472. These have registered themselves in the Employment Exchanges of the Labour department. East Khasi Hills tops the list with 14993 educated unemployed while the  newly formed South West Khasi Hills stands at 3052.

District                Unemployed youths
East Khasi Hills            14993
West Khasi Hills             4982
South West Khasi Hills  3052
West Jaintia Hills           7236
East Jaintia Hills           4256
Ri Bhoi                          1576

The data given above was recorded In 2016 and presently we are looking at 2018. Today we see young people leaving their hearth and homes to seek employment outside the state where there are better opportunities. Often they get duped and looted by agents who lure them and take advantage of their need. Girls are trafficked and sold while men are looted and cheated. Unemployment is not just one problem, it spirals into many problems hence the urgency to tackle this problem becomes necessary.

While the Government stresses on skill development and entrepreneurship training but unless these skills are imparted to young minds right from the grass-roots level, it will not help the cause.  There is need to prepare  the youth to recognize that employment is not restricted to being doctors, engineers, IAS officers or police officers but that the avenues are opening up in media, nursing, in the hospitality sector and food sectors too. We have many start ups in the food industry. Several bakeries and eating joints have come up and are thriving. Young people only need to be innovative and think creatively.

It is time to do away with stereotype and to be realistic- this is what will ensure a reliable future for the nation. Education must be enhanced by skills training. The youth must see what the market needs and be trained in those spheres. Conventional thinking will not take us too far.



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