DID YOU KNOW- Gunpowder was 1st used in this state of Northeast India?

DID YOU KNOW- Gunpowder was 1st used in this state of Northeast India?

Many historians believe that it was in Assam where gunpowder was invented. There has been trade between China and Assam in 1st Millennium AD and Assam had certain degree of civilization.

British traveler and historian J.B. Traveneer states: “It is believed that it is the same people who in ancient times first discovered gun and gunpowder, which passed from Assam to Pegu and Pegu to China. This is the reason why the discovery is generally ascribed to the Chinese”.

Another British researcher, J.P. Wade says: “The firearms were first made in Assam. When the Ahoms came to Assam they fought with the Sutiyas. The Sutiyas battled the Ahoms with cannons and other varieties of firearms. Therefore, it can be proved that firearms and gunpowder were traditionally made in early Assam.”

The fact that Sutiyas were using firearms can be ascertained by the fact that when the Sutiya kingdom was annexed by Ahoms, the Ahoms acquired a lot of things from the Sutiyas. One of those were the big gun, called Mithaholong and was the one of the largest classes of big guns which were produced in this part of the country. As per History of Assam by Edward Gait, the first usage of Gunpowder by Ahoms date back to their war against Turbak in 1532. Up to this time Ahoms weapons consisted of swords,spears and bows and arrows .Sutiyas were defeated in 1527 which indicated that the Sutiyas were the first to use Gunpowder in Assam.

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