Meghalaya: UDP MDC Titos Chyne elected as new CEM of KHADC


SHILLONG | March 24:

United Democratic Party (UDP) MDC from Sohra, Titosstarwell Chyne has been elected as the new Chief Executive Member of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) uncontested here today. 

The election of Chyne was formally announced by KHADC chairman, Pynshngain N. Syiem after the Opposition decided not to contest for election of the CEM.

Chyne will now lead the new Executive Committee of the UDP led United Democratic Alliance (UDA). Besides the UDP, the other allies in the UDA include NPP, HSPDP and PDF.


Earlier, the Executive Committee of the United Democratic Front (UDF) led by Chief Executive Member (CEM), Latiplang Kharkongor lost the no-confidence motion moved by the opposition during the special session which was held here today.

After the debate on the no-confidence motion moved by Sohryngkham NPP MDC, Pyniaid Sing Syiem ended, KHADC chairman, Pynshngain N. Syiem had asked the members to raise their hands in support of the NC. A total number of 20 MDCs raised their hands to support the no-confidence motion which finally led to the collapsed of the EC led by Kharkongor.

Earlier, moving no-confidence motion, Syiem said that the opposition has brought the NC to end the prevailing political instability in the Council.

Expressing concern over the developments in the Council in the past few months, the NPP MDC from Sohryngkham said that the new dispensation which will be leading the EC will try to resolve the crisis prevailing in the Council and put things in the right track.


Replying to the no-confidence motion, outgoing KHADC CEM, Latiplang Kharkongor said that he is not surprised by the present development since toppling of EC is a common phenomenon in the Council.

"I have always maintained that if I am elected in this House then I should also be removed in the floor of the House," Kharkongor said.

He however expressed his resentment that he did not have the opportunity to serve and deliver despite being in the post of CEM of the Council.

"I have nothing to comment against anyone. My only appeal to everyone is to work together for the good of the Council," outgoing KHADC CEM added.

Participating in the debate on the no-confidence motion, Congress MDC from Mylliem, Ronnie V Lyngdoh has lambasted the State Government and the Governor for infringing into the affairs of the Council

"The present EC was not allowed to perform. Even to notify the Executive Members (EMs), the CEM had to approach the High Court. I have a strong fear that the EC is losing its autonomous status," Lyngdoh said.