Meghalaya: NPP-led MDA govt to pass full budget in upcoming budget session


By Our Reporter, TNT News | Shillong, Mar 13, 2018:

The National's People's Party led Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) Government has ensured that it will try to pass the full budget in the upcoming Assembly Budget session which is likely to begin from March 16.

"We will be tabling the budget for the year 2018-2019 in the upcoming budget session. We are hoping to pass the full budget in the upcoming session," Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma told newsmen after the Cabinet meeting on Monday.

He stated that in case they cannot pass the full budget, the Government would then pass the vote-on-account for the month of April till June.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister informed that the main objective of the cabinet meeting is to go through the Governor's address.

"The Governor's address would be send to the Governor after the approval of the Cabinet," Conrad said.

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According to the Chief Minister, the Business Advisory Committee will decide on the dates of the Assembly Business Session.

"The dates of the Assembly Session are yet to be decided. We will know after the Business Advisory Committees approved it," Conrad said.

When asked on the number of days which the Budget session would be held,  he said the Government would try to ensure that sufficient time is given so that members requirements are met which include the private member's business and government's business.

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Replying to another query, he said that the preparation of the budget will be for the whole year adding that the budget cannot be prepared for three months.

"Based on the given situations, we decide whether to go for a vote on account for three months or passed the full budget. But we are in favour to passed the full-fledged budget so that the work can start," Chief Minister said.

Meanwhile, informed sources said that Governor Ganga Prasad will deliver the "Governor Address" on the inaugural day of the budget session on March 16.

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