Meghalaya: KHADC MDCs meet Guv, submit signatures supporting UDA


Shillong, Jan 29:

The MDCs of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) who are supporting the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) today met Governor, Tathagata Roy to submit the signatures of the 16 MDCs who are supporting the alliance.

"We have informed the Governor that the UDA is in the majority. We will again meet the Governor after three days to further apprise him on the prevailing political situation in the Council," former Deputy Chief Executive Member and member of the UDA, Pyniaid Sing Syiem told reporters after meeting the Governor.

When asked if they would want the Governor to convene the special session, he said that they will leave it to the wisdom of the Governor to decide what needs to be done. "We welcome if the Governor convenes the special session for the floor test. We would want to prove our majority in the floor of the House," former Deputy CEM said.

He also informed that they have apprised the Governor that Nongshken MDC, Grace Mary Kharpuri, who is part of the alliance, disagreed to take up responsibility of the Deputy CEM as per the list submitted to him.

It may be recalled KHADC CEM Latiplang Kharkongor had filed the petition seeking the court intervention for issuing of appointment of Grace Mary Kharpuri as the deputy CEM and the other four EMs- Mitchel Wankhar, Macdalyn S Mawlong, Lamphrang Blah and Ronnie V Lyngdoh as the executive members.
The KHADC CEM had submitted the list of the four EMs to the Governor on November 27 last year. He then submitted another list for appointment of Kharpuri as the Deputy CEM on November 29, 2017.

When asked if they would appeal to the Meghalaya High Court ruling which directs the Governor Secretariat to formally issue orders for appointment of the Dy. CEM and the four EMs as per the list submitted to the Governor, he said that they are yet to decide on this. "We respect the ruling of the Meghalaya High Court. But our contention is that how can a United People's Forum (UPF) which is in the minority run the Executive Committee," former Deputy CEM said.

Meanwhile, Kharpuri asserted that there is no question of her taking up the post of Deputy CEM since she is now part of the UDA. "I have decided to join the UDA for the sake of providing stablity in the Council. The UPF does not have the mandate to run the EC since it is in the minority," she added.

It may recalled that Meghalaya High Court yesterday had directed the Secretary to the Governor Secretariat to put up the relevaant files for issuing of formal orders on the appointment of the Deputy Chief Executive Member (Dy. CEM) and the four Executive Members (EMs).

"After a detailed analysis of the matter, the Governor of the State of Meghalaya does not have any discretion to withhold their appointment and has no option but to notify their appointment acting on such advice," Meghalaya High Court Chief Justice, Mohammad Rafiq stated in the order after hearing the petition filed by the KHADC CEM.

According to the court, on the advice being rendered by the petitioner, Latiplang Kharkongor in his capacity as the Chief Executive Member, the Governor would to clear the appointment of one Deputy Chief Executive Member and four Executive Members of the Executive Committee of the KHADC.