Meghalaya: It’s either ILP or Residents Safety Act Ordinance, says Dy CM


Shillong, Dec 24:

Meghalaya Deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong said that the State Government will have to implement either the Inner Line Permit (ILP) or the ordinance of the Meghalaya Residents Safety and Security Act (MRSSA), whichever comes first.

"If the ILP comes first then we will do away with the ordinance. But if they decide to implement the ordinance then the ILP will have to be done away with. We cannot implement both the laws with a similar objective," Tynsong said while speaking to reporters here on Monday.

He, however, said that the State Government at the moment is focused on the implementation of the ILP, which is the long pending demand of people of the State.

When asked about the next step after passing the ILP resolution, Tynsong said, next step would be for the Assembly Speaker, Metbah Lyngdoh to prepare the proceedings and forward the copy to the state government and at the same time to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

When asked when will the Government delegation meet the Union Home Minister, he said that the state government will again visit New Delhi to meet Amit Shah after the New Year.

"As you know now everybody is busy during this festive season from December 24 to January 2, next year. It will be after new year that the state government will take up this issue again very aggressively," Deputy Chief Minister said.

Reacting to a query on what to expect of Meghalaya vis-a-vis ILP, Tynsong said whether it will delay or not I cannot say anything but we have unanimously decided in one voice that we will pursue this issue very aggressively with the Government of India; that is all I want to say now. "And I am positive that the aspiration of the people of the state will be fulfilled."

"After new year, the government will visit New Delhi to personally handover the resolution adopted by the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly to the union home minister," he said.

The union home minister, Amit Shah has assured the Meghalaya delegation to meet them after the festive season. "Go celebrate your Christmas and New year well and then you come back and meet me," Tynsong quoted Shah.

To a question that the Opposition Congress has demanded the state government to serve deadline to the Union government to implement the ILP, Tynsong said that that the question of whether or to give a deadline does not arise.

"It is also not good to talk in that line because its easy to say as opposition they can say that but I feel that –government to government, we have to engage ourselves properly, engage in discussion, engage in sharing our views and hopefully by doing tha, we will be able to fulfill whatever the aspiration of the people are," he said.