KHADC by-poll results: It’s the ‘Drum beats’ which resonates over other parties in Mairang


SHILLONG: In Mairang constituency, the United Democratic Party, (UDP) drum beat resonated over other parties with nine thousand six hundred and ninety six (9696) beats (votes) of the total 26,802 votes casted.

It was a win within grasp yet far for the congress represented by Lambok Nongrang, with the party standing at a total vote count of 9626 votes. However, as the people's mandate would have it- It was the UDP represented by Equator Nongrang who emerged victorious towards the end with a final figure of 9696 votes- a difference of just 70 votes that cost the congress to lose.

For all of the Bharatiya Janata Party, (BJP) tall claims of winning the Autonomous District Council, ADC's bye-polls, it was trouble for BJP in all the other constituencies but in Mairang with BJP candidate  Councellor Sing Wahlang managing to secure the highest number of votes of 6601 for BJP above all the constituency BJP contested from.

The final figure stand at UDP, candidate Equator Nongrang stands tall with 9696 votes, the Indian national Congress,(INC) candidate Lambok  Nongrang stands at 9626 votes followed by the Bharatiya Janata Party, (BJP) candidate Councellor Sing Wahlang with 6601 votes and HSPDP candidate, Alexander Kharsyntiew with the lowest of 879 votes.

Mairang, which was earlier held by Metbah Lyngdoh, a UDP legislator, was left vacant after the resignation of Lyngdoh after the State Government passed the Dual Post Bill debarring legislators from holding the post of MDCs in October 2015.

It may be mentioned that this constituency recorded a 62.32 % of voters' turnout out of 34055 registered voters.

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