Meghalaya | Unhealthy cancerous infighting will lead to mass exodus of Cong MLAs in 2023: Ampareen


SHILLONG | Nov 03, 2019:

Senior Congress leader, Ampareen Lyngdoh said the exodus of Congress MLAs in 2023 will be bigger if the party leadership is not able to resolve the conflict within the party at the earliest.

"If the party leadership does not know how to consolidate the position then we will have a bigger exodus in 2023," Ampareen, who is also the Congress MLA from East Shillong, said here today.

According to her, there is an unhealthy infighting within the Congress which is hampering the party adding that it has become a cancerous kind of an illness.

"It is for this reason that so many leaders are leaving and going away from the party. They are tired of the confusion that prevails within the party," senior Congress leader said.

Recalling the episode where many Congress MLAs left the party in 2018, she said that many of these MLAs who left the Congress are today sitting in the Government.

"Every individual sitting in the front row in the Legislative Assembly were actually members of the Congress party. We lost all of them. These friends decided to leave the party because of all these issues. If these issues continue to persist then it will tear us apart. I foresee that 2023 will be a bigger accident," Ampareen said.

According to her, it is better to admit that there is a problem in the party than to pretend that there is no such kind of a problem. She also observed that the inability of the party to resolve central leadership issue is now manifesting in the State.


"This is impacting us. I am not sure what is going happen to all of us in 2023. We have to survive. We cannot survive alone. We survive through a commitment in a political system," the Congress MLA from East Shillong said.

When asked if she still considers Dr Mukul Sangma as an undisputed leader of the Congress party in the State, she said that this is an emotional issue for her.

"We have systematic procedure within the party to redress our unsatisfied condition. I don't know what is going on. We are not really able to consolidate on that. I am not going to attack any individual. I want to say one thing that a leader of any political party in any State needs to take responsibility. If there has been a failure then unfortunately that responsibility is assigned to that leader," Ampareen said.

Meanwhile, she said that if the party cannot resolve the crisis then she will have to look for other options.

"I do not know about my colleagues. I am an MLA for myself and my constituency. As an MLA I have to work for the upliftment of my constituency. If I am not in position to do that then I will be rejected by my people," Congress MLA from East Shillong said.

When asked if this is an indication that she will be leaving the party, she said that six months ago she had stated that her options are open.


"I have discussed with my people to explore other options. You don't lie to people about such plans of action. I cannot win election alone since I need my supporters to be with me," she said, adding, "I love the Congress party. But in politics loving a party is not sufficient because I need to survive. It is not easy for me to say that I love this party so much and I will die for this party. It is impractical for me to believe like that."

According to her, some of her colleagues will be upset over her "bluntness" on the issue. "I have to speak the truth. Five years to sit in the opposition will be a great learning experience. But to again sit in the opposition in 2023 will be a suicide for my people. I will not be able to attend to their needs. This is a system which works and this is what democracy is all about," she said.

When asked if she would resign and seek a re-election, she said that she doesn't know what is going to happen.

"No MLA would want the State to reinvest in an election because of their resignation. We are all responsible individuals," senior Congress leader said. She, however, said that in 2008-2009, she had to resign since President's Rule was prevalent in the State and there was absolute confusion.

"But today there is no such crisis. I cannot just blindly resign. It is not the way out. I am learning a lot being in the opposition after so many years of serving my people. I have different platforms where I can utilize it productively for issues that concern the State and the people of my constituency. I am right now focusing on those agenda and issues," Ampareen said.