Dr Mukul’s dirty deeds were cleansed by yesterday’s winter rains: Conrad Sangma


By Our Reporter, TNT News | SHILLONG, Jan 04, 2018: 

National President of National People's Party (NPP) on Thursday drew a 'peculiar' connection of how an unpleasant weather can act as a detergent to clean a person's misdeeds when he related yesterday's rains accompanied with hailstones as a natural cleaning session to rid the state off Dr Mukul Sangma's misdeeds.

Conrad Sangma who was addressing the gathering during a public rally of the NPP held at Polo Ground here in Shillong on Thursday drew this strange and hilarious connection, a statement of which received a loud cheer from the crowd.

"Do you know why it rained yesterday? My friends, it poured down yesterday so that every single dirty deed that Dr Mukul has done will be washed away," Conrad said in Hindi.

"The weather and even the Gods have sent the rains to clean up Dr Mukul's dirty deeds and now, from today, a new beginning, a change is happening," Sangma said.

the NPP chief also blamed the chief minister for all the failures that the state has endured stating that "The CM has destroyed the dreams of our forefathers and that is why many have left congress and joined the NPP," adding that the CM is on an inauguration spree while not being able to properly set things in motion.

Referring to yesterday's signing of the Host City Contract for hosting the 39th National Games in Meghalaya between the Indian Olympics Association, the Meghalaya Government and Meghalaya State Olympics Association, Conrad said that during yesterday's event both the CM and the sports minister were absent. "This shows they are not bothered and did not attend on such an important occasion."

He also lamented that even after 40 years of statehood we don't have a youth, sports, tourism and education policy. "If there are no policies, how will we move ahead. We have to change all this," he said adding that what Dr Mukul has done is not easy to change but "I'm confident that we are up to the challenge and will make the change required."