Cracks surfacing in Congress camp of Meghalaya?


SHILLONG: All is not well in the Congress and its allies in Meghalaya too as the BJP, who has already seen two Congress-ruled state collapse recently– in Arunachal Pradesh and in Uttarakhand, has said that the Congress here too does not even have confidence on its own MLAs thereby appointed 18 parliamentary secretaries and whose appointments are under scrutiny.

BJP national spokesperson Nalin Kohli today said the Congress-led coalition here would collapse under its own 'contradiction' and 'internal conflicts' and also predicted that it will not stage a comeback in 2018 due to its 'non-performance' and lack of development.

Kohli who chaired the first executive meeting of the BJP in Meghalaya under the leadership of Shibun Lyngdoh said, that the very fact that the government has to appoint 18 Parliamentary Secretaries in addition to the 12 Ministers shows that out of 30, how much confidence they (Congress) have on their own MLAs.

He said the fact that the chief minister has found the need to appoint 18 parliamentary secretaries (one of who resigned recently) clearly shows that things are not in 'good condition' in the Congress apart from revealing how weak his political position is.

The BJP leader also said that he was interested in the case and how legally that was done and hence will study it.

Aggrieved MLAs who were denied cabinet ranks were appointed as Parliamentary Secretaries and given the same ranks, status and perks as that of a cabinet minister in Meghalaya since the ministry downsizing Act came into place in 2003.

Kohli also made a scathing attack on the style and function of the chief minister and his government stating that the government is stuck on its own contradictions and is crooning under its own internal conflicts.

He said that irrespective of what the government does for its survival, it has washed its hand of development and work for the people.

Kohli said that Mr Sangma would do well to worry about the condition of the Congress party and what people of Meghalaya think about his government in the state rather than any other states at present.

"In 2018, there will not be a return of the Mukul Sangma government if the mood of the people today is an indicator," Kohli said.

(TNT News)