Video of Idli vendor using toilet water goes viral, FDA probe order


NATIONAL | June 1, 2019 (ANI):

In a shocking incident, a video of a Mumbai street food vendor went viral which showed him using tap water from Borivali Railway Station toilet to prepare food. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has launched an investigation.

In the video, the hawker who runs an idli stall on the pavement could be seen fetching water from a toilet to prepare the chutney, which is served as an accompaniment with the dish. The 45-second long video, however, doesn't mention the time or date of the incident.

The FDA has also issued a public warning against using such water, which could be contaminated.

"The video has come to our knowledge. We will conduct an inquiry against him as well as others, who use such methods to do business. Such water is not healthy for consumption. People may get affected," said Shailesh Adhav of the FDA branch in Mumbai.

"When the person is caught, his license will be checked and if any sample is found, it will be seized and then necessary action will be taken," Mr Adhav said.

He said the short video needs to be probed further to find out when and where the incident happened. "We have seen the video. We have to check which place the video was shot at. Action as necessary will be taken after the probe," he said.