Sex worker killed in Bengaluru for refusing unprotected sex


NATIONAL | January 26, 2020:

"Though the incident occurred on January 11, it came to light after 12 days when the victim's son filed a complaint on Wednesday that his mother's two gold ornaments and a mobile phone were missing from home," a police official told IANS here.

According to preliminary investigation, Mukund met the victim at a bus station in the city centre and was lured to have sex at her home.

The trouble arose when she insisted he wear a condom before sex.

"When Mukund forced upon the victim without a condom, she kicked him on his private parts and screamed at him when he asked her to return Rs 1,500 he paid her for the sex act. Fearing getting caught by neighbours, he slit her throat in a fit of rage to silence her and left her home quietly, taking the gold jewellery on her body and her mobile," the official said, citing the accused's account during interrogation.

The son came to know about the gruesome murder of his mother when he returned from the school and found her in a pool of blood.

Police have filed a case of a murder and produced the accused before a local court, which sent him to 14 days judicial custody.