Pakistan PM Imran Khan gets trolled on twitter over B’desh video clip


NATIONAL | JAN 4, 2020:

Twitter users flayed Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday after he reportedly tweeted an old video clip of violence in Bangladesh but blamed "Indian police for action against Muslims in Uttar Pradesh".

ImranKhan trended with 19K tweets as Twitter users criticised him. Some even posted memes to make fun of him.

Later, a user tweeted that Imran Khan had deleted all such tweets after being called out out for the "fake video" posted by him.

One user commented that the Pakistan leader was doing all this due to frustration.

"Imran Khan can only do this when the Indian Prime Minister is strong. Pak missing MMS badly," said one user.

"When the Congress IT team handles the account, this is bound to happen," remarked another.

One user tagged @UN and wrote: "Imran Khan putting old videos of Bangladesh and spreading lies about India. Please take strict action against him for spreading fake news about other nations."

"No need to take action. He is decreasing his own credibility," said another user.

One user commented: "So much insult that you have became a laughing stock @ImranKhanPTI."

"Imran Khan Niazi deleted those tweets," pointed out one user.