Nearly 1 lakh new corona cases in 24 hours globally, US leads


NATIONAL | MARCH 28, 2020:

The new coronavirus cases surged by nearly one lakh in a single day to reach almost six lakh COVID-19 positive patients globally on Thursday, with the US on the top of the list with nearly one lakh cases alone.

Italy jumped to second place with over 86,000 cases, followed by China and Spain, according to Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Centre data.

Italy recorded a sudden spike in coronavirus deaths, with 969 new victims which is the worst daily record for any country.

Globally, over 26,000 people have died as the novel coronavirus reaches 176 countries.

The US now has more COVID-19 cases than any other country after more than 16,000 COVID-19 infections were reported in a single day, mostly in the New York City.

According to The New York Times, Congress gave final approval on Friday to the largest economic stimulus package in modern American history, a $2 trillion measure to fight the growing coronavirus in the country.