MP sex scandal: College going girls forced to bed VIPs


NATIONAL | September 26, 2019 (IANS):

Even as 12 top serving bureaucrats and eight former Ministers of Madhya Pradesh seem to be in a big trouble in the honey trap scandal, the kingpin of scandal Shweta Jain has confessed to the SIT that she coerced at least two dozen college going girls, from lower middle class families, who were used to seduce the high and mighty of MP government.

Shweta also admitted that the main objective of the honey trap was to procure lucrative government contracts, running into several hundred crores, from the targeted VIPs. Most of the contracts were awarded to reputed companies by Shweta Jain and her aide Aarti Dayal on commission basis. Besides, procuring contracts, Shweta was also managing postings of several IAS and IPS officers at top of the line assignments.

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During interrogation by Special Investigation Team (SIT) in Indore, Shweta said that on demand of bureaucrats she lured many college girls and finally coerced them to bed with men, mostly of their father's age.

In one instance, SIT confronted Shweta with a college girl Monica Yadav. Monica disclosed to SIT that on pretext of seeking admission in a prestigious college she came in contact with Shweta, who claimed that she was close to top brass of the MP government.

To convince Monica, an outsider to Bhopal, Shweta took her to Secretariat in Bhopal where she was introduced to three secretary level IAS officers. Shweta also provided an Audi car to Monica to shuttle between Indore and Bhopal.

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A senior SIT official said that Monica initially refused to oblige Shweta and returned to her parents home in Narsinghgarh. Subsequently Aarti Dayal visited Monica's place and told her father Hiralal that if he sends her daughter to Bhopal, then her NGO would bear all costs of Monica's education.

Later, Hiralal, whose financial condition was not good, allowed her 18 year old daughter to leave for Bhopal with Aarti.

In a statement given to SIT, Monica said that one day Aarti showed her an MMS of Shweta who was having sex with a bureaucrat. Aarti told Monica that to reach at the top, one has to do all these things.

SIT investigation reveals that in the name of the NGO and offering jobs to daughters of lower middle class families, Aarti and Shweta coaxed several college going girls and after a brainwash, introduced them into the honey trap racket.

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In her statement Monica alleged that on August 30, this year, Aarti and an aide Rupa, brought her to Indore in a luxury car wherein they stayed in the posh Infinity hotel.

The next evening a government engineer Harbhajan Singh, 60, was introduced to her. Later Monica had to spend the entire night with Harbhajan who had sex with her. Monica disclosed that Aarti made a video recording of the hotel room where she slept with Harbhajan.

Later, on the basis of the video clip, Shweta demanded Rs 3 crore from Harbhajan Singh. Monica was also threatened that if she revealed anything to her parents the obscene video would be uploaded on a website.

The first women SSP of Indore, Ruchi Vardhan Singh, a key member of the SIT, said that Shweta and Aarti eyed college girls and by persuading them to lead a modern hijinks life, they gradually pushed these young girls into the honey trap scam.

The girls were first shown the glamour and luxury of five star culture and later were paid handsome amounts in lieu of honey trapping politicians and bureaucrats. Besides college going girls, over 40 call girls were also hired by Shweta to cater to wide range of clients which included a former Chief minister of Madhya Pradesh.