Mantra for Covid-19: Congress Councillor suggests ‘Rum & Fried eggs’


NEW DELHI | JULY 19, 2020:

Ever since the Covid-19 outbreak in India, an enormous number of remedies claiming to cure COVID-19 have been doing rounds in social media platforms.

In a similar instance, a Congress councillor Ravichandra Gatti from Karnataka had shared a video of the homemade recipe to cure coronavirus. The video, which has gone viral, shows Gatti from Ullal Municipal Council, Mangaluru can be heard telling people that rum, eggs, and pepper can prevent and cure Covid-19.

In a viral video, he is seen giving tips, he says, "Add a teaspoonful of ground pepper in 90ml rum and stir it well with your finger and drink it. Eat two half-fried omelettes to ensure that the coronavirus vanishes".

"I don't know about what doctors say, but this is my medicine I am saying this not as a politician, but as a citizen of this country and member of the corona committee," he adds.

However, this is not the first time that politicians were seen or heard giving suggestions, earlier, another politician had suggested cow-dung and cow urine as a cure for Covid-19.