Man fined Rs. 59,000 for violating traffic rules


NATIONAL | September 5, 2019 (IANS):

Following implementation of the amended Motor Vehicles Act 2019 in the country, Gurugram traffic police issued a 'challan' of Rs 59,000 to a tractor trolley driver for multiple violations.

The tractor driver Ram Gopal who is also a owner of the vehicle was caught by traffic police after he jumped the red light at New Colony T-junction on Tuesday evening. When he was asked to present documents of the vehicle, he was unable to do so.

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Subhash Bokan, PRO of Gurugram Police, said that the driver was not carrying driving licence, registration certificate, vehicle fitness certificate, third party insurance, pollution certificate, and was booked for dangerous driving, disobeying police orders and disobeying traffic signal.

"The traffic cops have issued compound interest to the tune of Rs 59,000 to him. He was carrying bricks in a tractor trolley which also impounded by police," Bokan said.

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With this, Gurugram Police has imposed the third hefty penalty on traffic violators under the new traffic rules.

Earlier on Tuesday, a scooty driver was fined Rs 23,000 and an auto driver was served a Rs 32,500 challan by the police.