Man arrested for kidnapping 9-yr-old girl to marry her, says police


NATIONAL | June 5, 2019 (IANS):

The Delhi police arrested an accused in a case of kidnapping on Sunday. The accused identified as Kamlesh had kidnapped a nine-year-old girl on Sunday in a bid to marry her, the police said.

According to the police, Kamlesh works as a labourer and had worked at victim's house about a month ago, but since then he used to visit the house to interact with the girl.

On Sunday he tried to convince her to marry him, but she refused. The accused then kidnapped her, police said. The Delhi police nabbed him at Mahoba railway station while he was travelling to a village in Uttar Pradesh.

"Kamlesh planned to kidnap her so that he could force the family of the girl and the girl herself to marry him," a senior police officer said.

Kamlesh was hired by the victim's mother to repair a leakage in the ceiling of her room, three months ago. Meanwhile, the accused started liking her. He also proposed her for marriage, to which she refused. The police claimed that the kidnapping was planned in order to force the woman to accept his marriage proposal.

The case came to light when the mother of the girl informed about the matter to Vijay Vihar police on Sunday after the minor didn't return home from the nearby shop where she had gone to by eggs. In total, 12 teams were formed to rescue the girl.