COVID 19 updates: Recovery rate in India improves to 23.3 percent


NATIONAL | APRIL 29, 2020:

The recovery rate in India for covid-19 has improved to 23.3 per cent. A Health Ministry official said there has been progressive increase in the recovery rate in the country and 7, 027 people have recovered so far. Meanwhile, the number of confirmed novel coronavirus cases in the country has climbed to 29 thousand 9 hundred 74 while the death toll has risen to 937.

Health Ministry said, the number of active COVID-19 cases stood at 22 thousand 10. Health Ministry official said, no new cases of COVID-19 reported from 17 districts in the last 28 days. He said, WHO data shows that the combined population of 20 nations where maximum COVID19 cases have been found is almost same as India's population and these nations have together reported 84 times the number of cases reported in India.

The Official said, compared to the 20 nations where maximum COVID19 cases have been reported, India has reported only 1/200 times the number of deaths as the total number of deaths in these 20 countries. He said, currently there are no approved therapies, including plasma therapy, for treatment of COVID-19.

The Official said, until ICMR concludes its study and a robust scientific proof is available, Plasma therapy should be used only for research or trial purpose. He said, if plasma therapy is not used in proper manner under proper guidelines then it can also cause life threatening complications.

The Official said, there is a need to project the good work happening out of implementation of the containment strategy. He said, such positive efforts related to COVID19 will boost the confidence of the frontline workers in the fight against COVID19.