China’s stealth war in Galwan valley ends?


NATIONAL | JUNE 19, 2020:

Three days after the violent Galwan Valley clashes in Ladakh, intense negotiations led to the release of 10 Indian soldiers including a Lieutenant Colonel and three Majors.

According to sources, all 10 prisoners were released on Thursday evening after an agreement was reached during the Major General-level talks on Wednesday.

Following the development, the Indian Army released a statement clarifying that there were "no Indian troops missing in action".

The release of the 10 soldiers was a result of the three rounds of talks held between Indian and Chinese delegations in an attempt to de-escalate the situation.

Sources stated that the soldiers were sent for a medical examination and were debriefed after their release.

It may be mentioned that the last time Indian soldiers were captured by Chinese troops was during the border war between the two countries in 1962.

The Galwan Valley clash also marked the first time India suffered combat fatalities in an incident involving Chinese troops since 1975.

However, China has refused to acknowledge any casualties among its troops even after Indian Army officials claimed that 43 Chinese soldiers were killed or seriously injured during the clash.

Meanwhile, a top retired army commander, who did not wish to be identified, said: "China has already achieved what it set out to achieve. Their objective was always to gain control over Galwan Valley and Finger 4. This gesture of returning the soldiers is merely a message to the world to show that the Chinese are not the aggressors and that they have returned the people who intruded onto their territory."


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