5 spine chilling serial killers


NEWS DELHI | JUNE 30, 2020:

Serial killers are present all around the world, even in India, there are murderers and there are serial killers. There's always a motive behind most homicides and when it comes to serial killers, motive gets replaced by this psychological urge to kill.

Here are five most notorious Indian serial killers who are still known for their crimes.

Thug Behram – Arguably India's most prolific assassin

In terms of numbers, Thug Behram is one of the prolific killers in the history. From the year 1790-1840, this man is cited to have killed over 931 people, but he only confessed to have only killed about 125 people while claiming that he was only "present at the scene" of the other murders. He was known to be the leader in the notorious Thuggee cult that traveled across central India. The thuggees used to latch onto travelling groups and then use their ceremonial rumaal (handkerchief) to strangulate unsuspecting victims before robbing them. He was executed by hanging in 1840.

Devendra Sharma – The doctor turned killer

A successful doctor of Ayurvedic medicine, Devendra Sharma was one among the killers, scripting his name in the history of crime. In a desire to make quick money, he didn't mind the bloodshed that came with it. It started from the year 2002-2004, when he stole cars and killed car drivers from many areas in and around UP, Gurgaon and Rajasthan. According to his own confession, he killed about 30-40 men, all drivers. He was sentenced to death in 2008.

Jaishankar – The killer with a machete

Breaking the walls of prison a couple of times, M Jaishankar is accused of 30 rapes, 15 murders. All of his victims were women and according to reports he is said to have stabbed them with a machete. He was re-arrested and is now serving a 10 year sentence while awaiting trial on 20 other cases related to crimes in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka from 2006 to 2009.

Raman Raghav – The schizophrenic serial killer

Terrorizing the slum dwellers of Mumbai, this man was a figure in the 1960s. He was also called 'Psycho Raman' and is known to bludgeon his victims to death. At the time of his arrest, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He is said to have killed over 23 people but that's only a guess even by experts because Raman's mental stability and his confession was highly questionable. He died from kidney failure in 1995.

Cyanide Mohan – The man who gave a bad name to birth control

Mohan Kumar aka Cyanide Mohan was a lover cum murderer, he used to lure unmarried girls into having sex with him and then trick them into taking contraceptives which were actually cyanide pills. Throughout 2005-2009, he killed 20 women. Before he went on this murderous rampage, he used to be a teacher of Physical Education at a primary school. He was also rumoured to have been involved in bank frauds and other financial forgeries. He was sentenced to death in December 2013.