415 confirmed cases of coronavirus in India


NATIONAL | March 23, 2020:

According to the latest report of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in India on Monday were recorded to be 415.

The Union Health Ministry website also updated the same number of confirmed cases of coronavirus.

A total of 415 individuals have been confirmed positive among suspected cases and contacts of known positive cases, said ICMR in its latest report.

According to ICMR, a total of 18,383 samples from 17,493 individuals have been tested for SARS-CoV2 as on March 23, 2020 till 10 a.m.

According to the Health Ministry, 23 patients have been cured and discharged from hospitals while one patient migrated and seven deaths were reported in India so far.

Kerala and Maharashtra both have reported 67 confirmed cases of coronavirus so far. In Maharashtra, out of 67 cases three foreigners have tested positive while in Karnataka a total of seven foreigners have tested positive.

Out of 29 cases in the national capital, one foreigner has tested positive.

Fourteen foreigners have tested positive out of 21 cases in Haryana while one foreigner has tested positive out of 28 total cases in Uttar Pradesh.

Meanwhile, two foreigners tested positive in Rajasthan out of 27 confirmed cases whereas 26 confirmed cases in Telangana include 11 foreigners.

Apart from these, seven confirmed cases have been reported in West Bengal, three in Uttarakhand, 13 in Ladakh, four in J&K, five in Chandigarh, seven in Tamil Nadu including two foreigners, 21 in Punjab, one in Puducherry, two in Odisha, six in Madhya Pradesh, two in Himachal, 18 in Gujarat, one in Chhattisgarh, two in Bihar and five in Andhra Pradesh.

Seven people one each from Punjab, Bihar, Karnataka, Gujarat and Delhi and two from Maharashtra have lost their lives due to corona virus.