Pregnant teen murdered by father & brother in Uttar Pradesh



A 16-year-old Dalit girl was attacked and killed by her father and brother in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Sources stated that the victim was pregnant and that her body was mutilated beyond recognition.

The father confessed to the crime and was arrested, but the brother is on the run, police said.

Police recovered the body on Tuesday. Though the girl had gone missing since September 23, the family did not file a missing person report.

Sources revealed that the girl was beaten and strangled to death. She was also decapitated and buried near the river bed.

While addressing reporters, Shahjahanpur Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) S. Anand said that the father confessed to having killed his daughter because she was pregnant.

“The girl’s elder brother is also involved in the murder. We have also questioned the mother and other relatives, but we have not established their involvement,” he said.

“We are also trying to identify the person responsible for the girl’s pregnancy as a sexual relationship with a minor is a crime,” Anand said.

Earlier, the victim’s family told police that the girl was staying with a relative.