Google honours Basketball inventor James Naismith with a doodle



Search engine giant Google, on Friday, honoured the inventor of basketball, Dr James Naismith with an animated doodle.

Dr Naismith, a Canadian-American, invented the game of basketball on this day in the year 1891.

A professor and doctor by profession, Dr Naismith published the original rules of the game in a college newspaper called “The Triangle”.

Initially, the game featured a nine-player team and over the years transformed with additional rules and regulations.

The game flourished in schools and colleges in the United States and gained a lot of popularity.

The game got international recognition after 1936 when it was included in the Berlin Olympics.

In the year 1946, after the formation of the National Basketball Association( NBA), the game gained massive popularity and international recognition.

(Edited by Shankar Turha)


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