Chinese President calls for military preparedness: reports


NEW DELHI: Chinese President Xi Jinping has stressed for military preparedness, mainly on combat preparedness training.

According to media reports, the commander-in-chief has appealed the Peoples' Liberation Army (PLA) to be vigilant, and swift to "act any second".

"The PLA must increase the integration of new equipment, new forces and new combat realms into training and combat systems," sources quoted Jinping.

The expression comes following some drastic changes in the country's defence laws of giving more powers to the armed forces from 2021.

Earlier in December 2020, the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress amended the Defence Law to strengthen security.

The new order comes at this juncture when India and China, are in prolonged border disputes along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) since 2020.

Notably, the bilateral ties between the two countries deteriorated following the Galwan clash, in which India lost 20 soldiers. While China was reported to have lost 30-40 of its men.

Meanwhile, the two countries have attempted to find solutions to the months-long dispute, but all efforts have been in vain.

(Edited by Gabriel G Momin)