COVID patients with same names lead to confusion in death certificates



A mistake on the part of the medical staff at a leading COVID-19 dedicated hospital led to a living patient at the facility being wrongly declared dead, his family member said on Tuesday.

A senior official at the city government-run Lok Nayak Jai Prakash (LNJP) Hospital, however, said the confusion happened due to the patient, Shrinwas Kumar, being a namesake of another patient, who later died.

"Both Shrinwases, aged 33 and 44, were brought to the hospital within a few minutes, and the 44-year-old COVID patient later died. Some mistake happened by nursing orderlies in shifting of the two patients," the official said.

That happened by mistake and because the "phone numbers had also got exchanged, leading to a confusion", she said.

A family member of 33-year-old Shrinwas, said, "He is living and at the hospital, but his death certificate got made which mentions the date of death as December 1. How strange is that".

The LNJP Hospital official said that they had sorted out the issue.

"The papers got exchanged, but there was "no deficiency in care," she claimed.

In June, the authorities at LNJP Hospital, the largest Delhi government facility had admitted that there was an instance of misidentification involving dead bodies of two persons having the same name, i.e. Moinuddin.

The facility had also claimed that there was "no negligence" on the part of the authorities of the hospital.

LNJP Hospital is a dedicated COVID-19 facility of the Delhi government. (PTI)


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