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SHOCKER: China’s President becomes Nagaland’s Speaker for a leading National news website

There seems to be no end on the part of National Media to generalize Northeast Indians, especially on the basis of their looks. In a recent report that came out in the Times of India website which read, "Coercing MLAs ...Read More

5 things the Bezbaruah Committee Report recommends on racial discrimination of Northeast Indians in metros

The Bezbaruah Committee Report  headed by M.P. Bezbaruah, Member, North Eastern Council, was set up in February 2014 after the death of Nido Tania.  The Committee's mandate was to listen to the issues raised by people from Northeast India living especially ...Read More

Arunachal Pradesh: From businessman to badminton coach, this man now invests in people and not companies

"What's in my mind is that I'm investing in people. It might be through a building or a program, but I'm investing in people. And the people that I'm investing in are underprivileged or hold a core value that I ...Read More

Meghalaya: This all girls band ‘Haystack Ladies’ from Tura is taking Girl Power to new heights!

From the land of beautiful clouds hails all girls band Haystack Ladies. Formed in the year 2011, this four piece rock band from Tura is pouring a catchy flavor of music showcasing girl power into the Meghalaya music scenario. They ...Read More

“It’s not just about living, it’s about accepting the life you want to live!”– Pratik Tamang

Interviewing an individual for an inspiring story is always a pleasure. This week Yougan Tamang met a young guy Pratik Tamang from Darjeeling and tried delving into his life story. His story is just like any other individual’s story if ...Read More

Demonetization Blues: Tripura’s very own Intl Trade Fair ends Rs. 30 lakh short of previous sales records

Agartala, Feb 10: As if the effects of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's historic demonetization weren't sufficient, a so-far super successful trade fair in Tripura has taken a big-time hit. Customers in the state have outright turned down the 27th Tripura Industries and Commerce Fair ...Read More

Meghalaya: This is how Jowai Police engage in a battle against drug abuse!  

JOWAI, Feb 10:  Rome was not built in one day. So also a social menace as complicated and sensitive as drug abuse cannot be eradicated at one go. Years of study and research into the behaviour of addicts and the ...Read More

Meet Dibyajit Barooah from Assam, a pioneer of Green Building in Northeast India

In an age of deforestation, global warming and pollution, Dibyajit Barooah of Guwahati, Assam is striving hard to taper these ill hazardous substances from affecting our environment in his own possible way. Mr. Barooah is the MD of Rishika Interior ...Read More

If you’re thinking gymnastic in Tripura started and ended with Dipa Karmakar, Think Again!

For those, who have been hailing Dipa Karmakar as the only-known ace gymnast from Tripura all this time, this might come as a shocker. Well, to put it in a more appropriate tune, there might not have been Olympians from ...Read More