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Bhasa, Hamro Abhiman / भाषा, हाम्रो अभिमान– By Bijoy Sharma

Bhasa, hamro abhiman Bhasa ho haro abhiman, Bhasa nai hamro paichan. Paichan bina k bachnu, Asto jiban kaslai sachnu. Bhasa ho hamro sanskar, Bhasa nai hamro sanskriti. Sanskriti bina k bachnu, Asto jiban kaslai sachnu. Bhasa ho hamro karma, Bhasa ...Read More

GUNGTE: A poem that describes the pathetic plight of assaulted Arunachali student in Bengaluru!

This poem, written by Dr. Gumlat Maio is based on the recent racist attack on an Arunachali student Higio Gungte by his landlord that took place at Bangalore on March 6, 2017.  The poem deeply expresses the plight that the ...Read More

My blood is Indian: A powerful letter by a Northeast woman on Racism

“Demanding me to lick his boots, he said, you deserve it only because you are a dirty tribal from the north east”. -Higio Gungte, Arunachal Pradesh. I am an Indian, an optimist Indian, albeit a critical one. Today, after 25 ...Read More

THE UNFULFILLED- – By Shweta Raj Kanwar

Hope lends pain desires often cause gain The mind seems wrecked At unfulfilled wants; The heart like a child Seems to cry out loud The silly little things Sometimes makes us proud; Yet shattered hopes And a half filled glass ...Read More

OMEN- – By Ranjit Yengkhom

‘ Omen’  O, my beloved earthen world Alas, you are in regret too! For the destination of itself.   The cruel creatures of this age Specially the human acts, All dance and play with flaming fire On your fore head ...Read More

I AM ALRIGHT NOW, DADDY – – By Okenjeet Sandham

A heart touching Poem dedicated to his wife by the writer Okenjeet Sandham. His wife has been in ICU, Naga Hospital in Kohima since August 29, 2009, completing 8 years, recovering from her post-brain tumor surgery. A Poem dedicated to my ...Read More

‘Behind it and it’s ………’– By Ranjeet Yengkhom

   ‘Behind it and it’s .........’   Noisy like avalanche, thundering in high range Where the cities and country sides For welcome, on the eve of Happy Diwali, Even the children of twelve to sixty Gathering there, they caught fire ...Read More

Poetry: We Are Gorkha, The Brave Warriors! – – by Bijoy Sharma

We are Brave, No one's Slave. We will Die, Before we Cry. We are Loyal, Not from Royal. Short by Height, But mentally Bright. We fought Wars, Without death Fears. Our Khukri Knive, Took Hundreds Life. We are Warrior, Its ...Read More

Uri Attack- by Bijoy Sharma

Jammu and Kashmir climate talks are in disarray, Terrorists don't hesitate to leap into the fray. Vulnerability has become our custom, As their attacks are filled with gusto. We know who accomplish such felon's, Even then,why? Our govt acts as ...Read More