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AFSPA : controversies ,achievements and failure

The recent withdrawal of Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act ,1958 from altogether 27 police station areas of Tripura has hit headlines in the national media with most of the electronic news channels and activist NGOs heaping praises on the chief ...Read More

Small dams, drought-resistant crops could resolve Teesta imbroglio

The logjam over equitable distribution of the Teesta waters has arisen from a Bangladesh proposal of sharing the water available at Gazoldoba barrage in West Bengal on a 50:50 basis, reserving 20 percent of the overall river water for an ...Read More

Uncertainty over Teesta water-sharing

  A new chapter began in the history of world diplomacy in the wake of Bangladesh’s liberation on 16th December, 1971. This emancipation turned out to be a thread which forged bonding between India and Bangladesh. However, 40 years later, ...Read More

Modi vs Manmohan: Both global roamers

  NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is executing his "fast-track diplomacy" -as his government calls it - with gusto: Including his current China visit, he will have been abroad for 53 of 365 days in 17 countries during his ...Read More

Why Dr T Ao Football Championship failed to match ISL?

  #1. The inaugural match of the 6th Dr T Ao Football Championship between Assam and Sikkim hardly saw 100 spectators in total at the 35,000 capacity Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium in Guwahati on Sunday. #2. Empty galleries under floodlights ...Read More

Breathless Media in the age of TRPs 

  Patricia Mukhim It is tough to be a media practitioner in this day and age. Deadlines approach faster since web-based newspapers need to upload news by the hour. But you can only have that much of adrenalin. Beyond a ...Read More

When heroes are remembered just before polls

It's been almost 25 years since Bodofa Upendranath Brahma, the father of the Bodos passed away while spearheading the Bodo movement as the leader of the All Bodo Students' Union(ABSU) in the 80s. Having a model village in honour of ...Read More

The ‘sticky’ jam of Shillong

As we pass through the years the number of students in Shillong, which is a hub for educational institutions, are seemingly increasing, be it in school or colleges. The town is also an important centre where trade and commerce activities are ...Read More

Kangaroo courts in the 21st century

By Patricia Mukhim A man alleged to have raped a Naga woman was lynched by a mob in Dimapur and his naked picture circulated via WhatsApp. This is gruesome and shocking since the rape is ‘alleged’ to have been committed ...Read More