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A dead decaying corpse and a million dollar home- A tale of 2 sisters!

Neighbors had expressed concerns about two sisters growing older together in a million-dollar home in an affluent town not far from Boston. Down a stately tree-lined street in Brookline, Massachusetts, 74-year-old Lynda Waldman and her 67-year-old sister, Hope Wheaton, who ...Read More

FIFA 2026 World Cup to expand to 48 teams

Zurich, Jan 10: The 2026 football World Cup will be expanded to host 48 teams from the present 32, FIFA's world governing body announced on Tuesday. "The FIFA Council unanimously decided on a 48-team #WorldCup as of 2026: 16 groups of ...Read More

The Duchess of Cambridge has turned 35. Lets have a look on what makes her so special!

  Catherine Middleton turns 35 today who set a precedent by becoming the first person to have a humble background and be inducted into the Royal family. But with time the Duchess has not only won over the hearts of ...Read More

VIDEO: Is this a verified UFO? Chile releases latest footage of a mystery object!

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Finally Revealed: What causes stuttering?

New York, Jan 6: Stuttering is caused by a reduced blood flow in speech processing areas of the brain, a study by researchers, including one of Indian-origin, has showed. The findings showed that regional cerebral blood flow is reduced in ...Read More

Here are 10 of Nostradamus predictions for 2017!

The French physician and astrologer, Michel de Notre Dame, historically known as Nostradamus, is considered by many as one of the most accurate prophets in history. In his book ‘The Prophecies’, he writes more than a thousand four-line poetic verses ...Read More

Meet the most Googled actress of 2016!

Two months ago, Meghan Markle was best known as one of the stars of Suits, the legal drama that's not Psych or Burn Notice or any of the other vaguely-titled USA network shows that sound exactly the same. That all ...Read More

its a ‘Bloody 2017’ for Istanbul as Terror attack leaves 39 dead!

ISTANBUL: At least 39 people, including 16 foreigners, were killed and around 40 wounded in Turkey on Sunday when gunmen reportedly dressed as Santa stormed an elite nightclub where partygoers were celebrating the New Year. The Istanbul terror attack is ...Read More

VIDEO- Watch the Top 10 UFO sightings of 2016!

Here is a compilation of the best UFO sightings of 2016 from around the world, all caught on tape. None of the videos featured can be verified as real UFO sightings or fake, but are present as they were originally ...Read More