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“India is the safest place for Muslims” – Assam MLA

GUWAHATI: According to sources it is said that the State's BJP MLA, Aminul Haque Laskar believes that India is the safest country for the Muslim community and according to him it can be beneficial under a party that does not see ...Read More

Purple Fusion vocalist Lamtsala passes away

SHILLONG: Renowned vocalist from Northeast, Lamtsala H Sangtam, popularly known as the voice behind Nagaland's Purple Fusion passed away today following a prolonged battle with cancer. Lamtsala was battling cancer for a few years now. Her friends and family recall her as an inspiration and ...Read More

Exclusive interview with Polar Lights

Polar Lights are a five piece rock band from Dimapur, Nagaland. Formed in 2013, they are innovators who love experimenting with different sounds but they’re still seeking for their one original tune that will satisfy them as musicians. It was ...Read More

Judas Priest Front-man Rob Halford to collaborate with Babymetal

Babymetal have teamed up with Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford to play a live show. The living legend will join the Japanese trio onstage at the Alternative Press Music Awards in July, but at this stage it’s unclear how the ...Read More

Former Municipal Waste drummer Brandon Ferrell dies

According to reports given, it is said that another influential musician breathe his last. Brandon Ferrell, was the drummer for Municipal Waste from 2002 to 2004, and appeared on their 2003 debut album Waste ‘Em All. However, his cause of death has ...Read More

Imphal all-female-band Maniac releases new single

If you are a Rock N’ Roll fan then you are at the right locale. This all-girl Rock band from Imphal has released their debut single and hitting it hard on the ears of the listeners. Maniac is an all-girl band from ...Read More

Teer: “We shoot arrows for the sake of it. If you get lucky, you win.”

Teer is a popular sport in Meghalaya, with almost a thousand crores expected to ride on the gambling every year. Archery has also been an integral part of the Khasi tribe, not just as a sport but as a weapon ...Read More

Dymbur and The Last Theory to perform at FURY 1.0, New Delhi

Yet again New Delhi will be giving a platform to metal freaks of the city to come together and enjoy some really adroit music from bands outside the station. Members of Eyes of the Martyr (Delhi) in collocation with Delhi based ...Read More

Anupamaa Dayal showcases Nagaland- King of Exotic

Amazon India fashion Week 2016 was held between March 16 - 20, 2016. The highlight was a fashion designer showcasing her work inspired by her trip to Nagaland. Well-established designer Anupamaa Dayal on the third day of the event presented a ...Read More