MEGHALAYA: HSPDP Ardent’s supporters weep inconsolably following his defeat

By Our Reporter, TNT News | Shillong, March 03, 2018:  After HSPDP candidate from Nongkrem constituency, Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit suffered defeat in Meghalaya Elections 2018, his women supporters broke down and cried unconsolably at the former KHADC CEM’s house in Nongkrem to the extend that Ardent himself had to calm them down and make them […]

VIDEO: Leopard creates ruckus at Namsai in Arunachal Pradesh!

VIDEO: Leopard creates ruckus at Namsai in Arunachal Pradesh!

ITANAGAR: watch how a leopard creates ruckus at Namsai market in Arunachal Pradesh Unarmed humans encountering a leopard at Namsai, #ArunachalPradesh – the lost and frightened animal injured 4 men before being chemically immobilized by forest team. Weaklings couldn’t kill the big cat this time, they could only pelt stones. — Karishma Hasnat (@karishmahasnat) […]

Video of Korean girl singing Manipuri song ‘Eshei’ from the band Lai Lik Lei goes viral!

February 25, 2018 For the first time, Korean Girl ‘Akkio’ sings a Manipuri song. The song is “Eshei” by Lai Lik Lei band which was released fours days back on a channel named Studio Dominance. Listen to the song by Akkio below: Listen to the original track by Lai Lik Lei here- Eshei TNT News  

VIDEO | Watch what Shillongites say on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14. Originating as a Western Christian feast day honoring one or more early saints named Valentinus, Valentine’s Day is recognized as a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance in many regions around the world, although […]

WATCH | The biggest festival of democracy – Elections! Meghalaya Chapter

Meghalaya Assembly Election 2018 As D-day approaches, election fever in Meghalaya is touching yet another level as chants resonate in every corner of the state, party flags flatter in every street and public rallies exhibit the excitement level of the biggest festival of democracy – Elections. WATCH (Dislaimer: Some of the footages and images are […]