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The weathered Monoliths standing firm near the sacred forest, Meghalaya

Right after walking out of your favorite forest you are welcomed with this. The weathered Monoliths stand firm while the clouds loudly proclaim that the land is theirs. The land is their home. And they are here to stay or ...Read More

An Innovative unique craft work at Sangai festival, Manipur

Every year the Government of Manipur, Spearheaded by the Tourism Department, celebrates the Manipur Sangai Festival from 21st to 30th of November. The Festival strives to showcase and promote the best of what the state has to offer to the ...Read More

An interesting before flight mode capture of this beautiful creature

Photo source : Assam Cellphone Photography Club Photographer : Manash Borah‎ (Taken by an Oppo F1 phone)

View from Hrangbana College rooftop, Aizawl, Mizoram

Photo source : Instagram page- _aizawl Photo credit :  Instagram user- @oma_k_leonard

Rumtek Monastery the largest monastery in Sikkim

Rumtek monastery is one of the largest in Sikkim and belongs to the Kargyu sect of Buddhists which originated in the 12th century in Tibet. The architecture of the monastery is one of the finest in the world and resembles ...Read More

Watch this Music Video ‘Maa-e-Ri ‘ shot at the cleanest village of Asia, Mawlynnong in Meghalaya!

'Maa-e-Ri' is a lyrical conversation with Mother Nature’  a Music Video  shot in the cleanest village of Asia, Mawlynnong Meghalaya. It received a Certificate of Participation in 6th CMS Vatavaran, Environment and Wildlife Film Festival Forum 2011 New-Delhi and has ...Read More

Serene Dzüko valley, Nagaland

Picture source : Instagram page - nagaland_photography Picture credit : Ronald Meitei

Assam Roofed Turtle

The Assam roofed turtle, Pangshura sylhetensis (Family Geoemydidae), is a small freshwater turtle (straight carapace length [CL] only to 185 mm), with thirteen pairs of marginals and a strikingly spiked vertebral keel. The species is strongly sexually dimorphic, with female ...Read More

BORANG, traditional field watching house of the Garos