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Nagaland’s Cafe Bae is not only a food hub but a symbol of everlasting friendship!

Meet Talikumla a 21 year old young entrepreneur from Dimapur, the founder of Cafe Bae which can be termed as a symbol of everlasting friendship of Talikumla and Late Anushri Jain who together had eventually planned to start this venture ...Read More

Nagaland: Frogs on your platter can now make you feel guilty!

The next time you put frogs in the cooking pot, beware – you might be an unsuspecting contributor to wiping out evolutionary history. A culinary delight to many Southeast Asian communities, frogs are no stranger to Nagaland’s food menu. Held ...Read More

Souper Bowl, Shillong’s own take on the Ramen Culture

Superbowl is perhaps the biggest sporting event in America and also home to some of the biggest musical acts during the halftime be it Beyonce, Janet Jackson or Prince. For many who are not familiar with the American sport Super ...Read More

Countering fast food fad by traditional slow food, NESFAS presents a new way of life!

Tradition and an Organizational Talent Founded in 2012, the North East Slow Food and Agrobiodiversity Society or NESFAS is an organization based in Shillong that looks at food and agricultural practices in a new way – by going back to ...Read More

ML 05 Cafe serving a shared love for cars and food

Concept: an understanding retained in the mind from experience, reasoning and imagination. Using concepts in various fields of life is the trend these days. Be it in books, art, music, fashion and so on...concept cafes are not a new dimension ...Read More

Rendezvous with Mr. Abhay Kewadkar: Chief Wine Maker and Business head Four Seasons Wines Limited

“Wine is bottled poetry” is rightly said by Robert Louis Stevenson and this can be personified to the work of Mr. Abhay Kewadkar, who is currently the Chief Wine Maker and Business head Four Seasons Wines Limited, India. His is ...Read More

From Traditional Khasi food to world class Cuisine, Meal Dial from Shillong is at your service!

As the saying goes "People who love to eat are always the best people" well this start-up is really fulfilling the need of the people. An online platform from Shillong 'Meal Dial' is a start-up owned by Falina Sunn and ...Read More

Phunga, a ‘must-visit’ Manipuri food place in Shillong!

Shillong is a hub with Northeast tribes amalgamating to unite in culture and more, bringing in the eight sister states together into this melting pot. Though home to the Khasis, over the years it is now home to many more ...Read More

The First Bistro in Shillong: The Grub by Sam & BeeOliver

The year 2016 seems to offer a lot of new places to eat out in Shillong. With several eateries opening up, especially cafes. These new ventures creating opportunities for eating out experiences with different aspects to look out for at ...Read More