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Was India Right by Slamming Nepal at the UN ?We think otherwise …

[caption id="attachment_23641" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The People of Madhesh feel that Kathmandu are not treating them at par with others in Nepal[/caption] In what maybe a clear sign between the souring relations between India and Nepal , the Indian government has ...Read More

Swami Adityanath:If the majority boycotted SRK ,he would roam the street as a ‘Normal Muslim’

Swami Adityanath has yet again entered the fray and the debate on intolerance has now gone perhaps even to the defenders of BJP and RSS a bit to far. After verbal attacks by Sahdvi's and former cabinet ministers on Shah ...Read More

Naming Gaurav Gogoi a CM candidate a plan to create confusion amongst the Congress

With Assam Assembly elections hardly six months away, a senior minister in the Congress government in the state has said chief minister Tarun Gogoi’s son Gaurav Gogoi – currently a Lok Sabha member – would be the best choice for ...Read More

Shocking Karim Benzema Arrested in Sex Tape Blackmailing case

In a shocking case of twist and turns Karim Benzema the French national star and Real Madrid forward has been arrested in what seems to be a case of blackmailing his former colleague . Benzema, 27, was summoned to the ...Read More

Meet WingStar, the teenage superhero from Northeast India

Reliving back to our nostalgic memories of reading comics when the era of fast paced internet did not sweep society and young minds. Tinkle owned by the India Book House(IBH) contains stories, comics, puzzles and other contents mainly for the ...Read More

Meet Excelicia, the Shillong artist who mesmerised London

Rishida Excelicia Cunville is an accomplished composer, pianist, singer and theatre artist from Shillong who  has gone unnoticed in her hometown even as she has been making a name for herself in Bangalore and other cities in India and also ...Read More

Lost Souls – Halloween Overshadows All Souls’ Day.

Pauline M November 1. I scroll down my homepage on Facebook. Halloween pictures of people on my friends list…of them, their children, their friends, their neighbours, even their pets fill the page. I look at the names and mentally tick ...Read More

Tripura: 10 scams which tainted Manik Sarkar’s clean image

AGARTALA: Tripura’s Chief Minister Manik Sarkar is popularly known as the poorest Chief Minister in the country. He donates maximum money which he gets as his salary to the party fund leaving only Rs. 5,000 for his own household. A ...Read More

5 Meghalaya Politicians and their famous look alike

1. Ampareen Lyngdoh and Jassi Jaisi koi nahi's Mona Singh 2. R.G Lyngdoh and Jeffrey Wright (The Hunger Games) 3. Purno Sangma and Wong Yat-fei (Shaolin Soccer)  4. D.D Lapang and Simpsons' Milhouse 5. Vincent Pala and Freddie Mercury  Also see: 10 reasons that ...Read More