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Did you Know : Highest number of players in I League belong to Mizoram

Mizoram has long been considered along with Manipur as the citadel of Indian Football.But over the years both the states have never had any representation in the I league (This is before Aizawl FC finally made an entry this year ...Read More

Meghalaya: The fate of MBoSE in state; outdated syllabus baffles parents & teachers!

SHILLONG, April 22 2017: A Formal and quality Education is an important asset that one may acquire in the 21st century. Institutions and universities play an important role in as far as providing quality education and shaping the future of the ...Read More

Assam: Senior BJP minister offers Rs. 2000 notes to journalists as ‘Bihu Gift’!

Guwahati, April 13, 2017: In what may be termed as a clear attempt to tarnish the image of the profession of journalism, a leading English daily from Assam reported that a senior BJP official was seen offering cash to journalists ...Read More

Scaling the rise of BJP in Northeast India on the founding day of world’s largest party

April 6, 2017: Founded on April 6, 1980, The Bharatiya Janata Party is today known as the 'World's Largest Party'. 37 years ago, the BJP was founded with former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee at the helm as party president. ...Read More

Despite win against Myanmar, Indian football still gets little attention

A few days ago, India broke its 64 winless streak against Myanmar as they won 1-0 against the home team. The match was the first of the Indian National Team at the AFC Cup Qualifiers. The match which wasn’t the ...Read More

Last headhunters: Amazing images of the historic Naga warriors

The Konyaks are known for their fierce headhunting history, which continued until 1960. Found in large numbers in Nagaland, India, the former warriors are recognised by their facial tattoos and the animal skin, hair and horns which are ceremoniously draped ...Read More

On Tripura’s Tribal Politics and the Failed Coup in IPFT

In what could only be said ‘out of the blue’, a section of leaders of the Indigenous Peoples Front of Tripura (IPFT) - arguably the state’s strongest tribal political party in recent years, tried to oust its founder president over ...Read More

The Dead and Dying Rivers of Meghalaya — Who are the culprits?

SHILLONG, March 20 2017: The world is talking about global warming and the predictable catastrophic outcomes which is likely going to transpire if this global problem is not resolved. Humans’ endless wants and the urgent need to strive ahead in ...Read More

GUNGTE: A poem that describes the pathetic plight of assaulted Arunachali student in Bengaluru!

This poem, written by Dr. Gumlat Maio is based on the recent racist attack on an Arunachali student Higio Gungte by his landlord that took place at Bangalore on March 6, 2017.  The poem deeply expresses the plight that the ...Read More