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India of my Dreams

By Sumit Das “What’s happy about Independence Day! There’s still corruption, there’s still poverty.”  was the  reply I got from a slightly ‘grumpy’ friend last  year around this time when I, like most of us sent out a forwarded message ...Read More

Voice for the voiceless animals: Michelle Karthak Lepcha from Sikkim

Born to parents Phuchung Lepcha and Mina Phipon Lepcha of Sang Thalamthang, East Sikkim, Mikal Karthak Lepcha alias ‘Michelle’ is a beautiful soul and a passionate animal lover. Michelle is currently employed as Panchayat Development Assistant under Rural Management and ...Read More

From being featured in Channel V to becoming a change maker, meet Tshering Wangchuk Lepcha from Sikkim

Tshering Wangchuk Lepcha (37) is a musician, social entrepreneur and a politician from Gangtok, East Sikkim. He is currently the General Secretary of a political party in Sikkim. In Sikkim, he has been seen actively involved in various social initiatives ...Read More

Children in rural Northeast much more mature than their counterparts

“I can do whatever you grown-ups can!” shrieks the little one... Don’t you often see that in the rural societies of North-East India? Indeed, a heart-warming scene, if you’re asking me about it. It is apparent that children consider themselves ...Read More

Comfort Zone- the addictive stimulant

The Comfort Zone is an abstract zone or sphere having its existence entirely in an individual’s thoughts , demarcated by himself and in which he finds ease and peace of mind. In layman’s language, it denotes the ‘Comfort’- able zone which is seemingly ...Read More

GUWAHATI- The newest sporting destination

Not a long time back,international sports in Guwahati was limited to an occasional ODI Cricket match every few years and the annual Bordoloi Trophy football tournament. Barring these, not a lot of events ( local or national) could command crowd presence. In ...Read More

The Uninvited

Do you think you are all alone in this big vast universe? Do you still believe in the age old purist theory that good ol’ life can exist only in the greens of our planet? If yes, then STATUTARY WARNING: ...Read More

Communication: Face-to- face or Facebook

Today, even children, as young as five-six years (or probably younger) are taking a strong liking towards social media. Social media has revolutionized the way we interact with one another. Gone are the days when people used to sit together for long ...Read More

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