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Crime against women in Meghalaya: A disgusting reality

“But what was she wearing?” said the taxi driver who was driving me from Police Bazaar to Mawlai responding to the news item on Mawphor that I was reading as we reach Wards Lake in the late Monday afternoon crossing ...Read More

Why Indians Are Averse To Taxation

No body likes to be taxed but if a government looks well after its citizens most people would not mind paying reasonable amount of taxes. I remember during the 60s tax exemption was a measly 5000.00 and upper limit of ...Read More

An NGO, “Homedoor” that supports homeless people to become independent in this country!

Japan is often called as a rich country, but actually there are many homeless people. According to a survey which was carried on by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the number of them is 6,235 in 2016. But it's ...Read More

Did you know about the Japanese traditional way of painting, “Ukiyo-e”?

A watch was released in India very recently that was all over the internet. It had on its face printed Ukiyo-e. The motif is one of the paintings of Hokusai Katsushika, "A tiger looking at the moon". This watch can ...Read More

A Customer to the Sound of Silence- the indelible customer service in India!

It is well known, that words such as - Incredible, Diverse, Festival, and Loud - amongst others, are used all over the world, including the Tourism Department of India, to describe the experience of the country. It is ironic then, ...Read More

Photo of the Day — Here and Beyond by Banlam Basaiawmoit

[caption id="attachment_60951" align="alignnone" width="640"] Here and Beyond -- By Banlam Basaiawmoit[/caption] This photo, depicting the streak of light at Shillong By Pass was captured by Banlam Basaiawmoit.  (TNT News)

Assamese movie ‘Bahniman’, an eagerly awaited treat!

Assamese folks have always been waiting for a flick which can give them the same taste and entertainment as that of Bollywood and its contemporaries. For many years, there wasn’t any movie which could meet the greater minds of the ...Read More

Inclusion of Kabaddi in Olympics

There are a couple of different paths to inclusion in the Olympics. The traditional way is for a sport’s international federation to petition the IOC, but the alternative is for local organizing committees to push favored sports in their country. ...Read More

Meghalaya: Campfire Trails–Nature at its Best!!! By John S Kharphuli

Here is the thing, I feel like I have a special connection with Nature, its warm embrace, its anger, its love, its motherly affection and much more. I am blessed to have been born in this part of the world, ...Read More

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