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VIDEO: This trailer of ‘Gangs of Northeast’ will make you want to rush to cinema halls right now!

Trailer of 'Gangs of Northeast' in Hindi ALSO READ: ‘Gangs of Northeast’ is all set to hit the screens with a bang! Trailer of 'Gangs of Northeast' in English Video Courtesy: GANGS OF NORTHEAST

VIDEO: Watch this rendition of Bollywood song ‘Soch Na Sake’ by Assam based Lupita and Gitartha

As more and more youth are coming forward to showcase their talents, social media plays an important role in bringing out their talents to the masses. Here is a rendition of the Bollywood song 'Soch Na sake' from the movie ...Read More

MUST WATCH: A Tragedy that led to football- Here is the story of Mizoram Footballer Lalramzailawma

Here's the story of Aizawl based Lalramzailawma as he talks about a tragedy at a young age inspired him to pursue his dream. Video Courtesy: U Sports

VIDEO: Watch IPFT’s 100 hour hunger strike in New Delhi on Tipraland issue!

Receiving no hopeful response on their prolonged Tipraland demand from the Centre and the Left Front government, the Indigeneous People’s Front of Tripura ( IPFT) , an indigenous-based political party has been mounting pressure on the central government in democratic ...Read More

DON’T MISS: Shillong-based director Nicholas Kharkongor’s movie ‘Mantra’ to hit the screens in March!

SHILLONG, Feb 25: Shillong's very own Nicholas Kharkongor's movie 'Mantra' will be released in the month of March. Mantra! it's releasing theatrically in India and Singapore and a few more countries. Prior to this, Nicholas Kharkongor's Mantra created wave in New York ...Read More

VIDEO: This Mash up song by 2 Mizoram girls with leave you humming to their tunes!

Freelancing is not just a hobby, its talent on the run and this music video by 2 girls from Mizoram proves this point. Psycho Lab Music presents "2 Girls 24 songs" | Mash up over Closer by The Chainsmokers Performed ...Read More

MUST WATCH: This Fog-Catcher is ‘stealing a bit of SKY’ every single day and making lives liveable!

Video Courtesy: BBC World Service

MUST WATCH: Exlporing the Rustic simplicity of Wah Rashi at Syntung in Meghalaya

Video source : Wahrashi Facebook page

Rare footage of a Village in Meghalaya that whistles to communicate with each other

Kongthong, a remote Khasi village in Meghalaya of the Indian sub-continent is characterized by a unique age-old practice of communication through whistling. Kongthong village is located in Khatarshnong Laitkroh Tehsil of East Khasi Hills district in Meghalaya, India. It is perhaps the ...Read More