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This is why Meghalaya should be in your travel list!

Places covered in the film are: Mawlynnong, Mawlyngbna, Lawbah, Nowhet, Dawki, Shiliang Jashier, Lyngkhet, Shnogpdeng. Some specific spots that you can see in the video are: Umdikian Fall, Umkhakoi Lake, Hew Luri Laura, Weikyumei, Riatoslo, Living Root Bridge at Riwai, ...Read More

20 most dangerous stunts ever performed

Humans never cease to amaze!

An ‘eye opening’ suicide message

This girl decided to end her life because she couldn’t cope with stress. But not before leaving this soul-stirring suicide video for her parents, letting know where they went wrong. This video is an eye opener for every parent in ...Read More

Meet the ‘Angel of Death’ for ISIS

Meet the ultimate tool in the fight against ISIS – the Iraqi Rambo. Abu is purportedly the leader of a Shi’ite militia, the Imam Ali Brigade, a group fighting Islamic State in Iraq. This beast, who has killed over 1,500 ...Read More

10 year old kids covering ‘Enter Sandman’ by Metallica

Girls can play football too

Where is the love?

Dad teaches son not to fear after the Paris attack

Syrian war history