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VIDEO! Khasi: The tribe that resides not only in Meghalaya!

Considering the richness and the identity of the Khasi community that are traced to be of the Mon Khmer ancestry, it has become a common understanding that the word Khasi is synonymous with Meghalaya. Yet, we forget that in the ...Read More

WATCH: Manipuri students prove ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’!

According to a tweet, the girls were on a school excursion to Loktak Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Northeast, when the bus broke down. As soon as the picture went viral Twitterati could's stop gushing over their incredible team ...Read More

WATCH: The plight of Northeast’s Aizawl FC catches International media’ attention!

Limited coverage given to Northeast India and its activities especially at a time when the entire region are overwhelmed with the victory of Aizawl FC, the I-League Champions-- The first football club from NE India to win the prestigious title, ...Read More

VIDEO: Assam’s ‘Dwarf Village’ and ‘Theatre Group’ is India’s 1st ever and will leave you in awe!

Almost 70 dwarves, ranging from one-and-a-half feet to three feet in height, across Assam will soon have a place to live in with dignity and comfort, with a theatre actor setting up a village with houses adapted to their stature. ...Read More

VIDEO: Breathe Meghalaya- Experiencing the beauty of the ‘Abode of Clouds’ first hand!

April 23, 2017: Meghalaya is called the Scotland of the East. But how can you compare? We think it is the paradise on Earth. A piece of a fantasy. One part of the answer is in KongThong. A place where ...Read More

VIDEO: A day in the life of Shillong Traffic Police- because managing Traffic here is not a joke!

April 22, 2017: A short yet descriptive video on the functioning of Shillong Traffic Police, also known as the backbone of Shillong, the capital town of Meghalaya. The video has been produced by North East Blaze on Shillong Traffic Police. ...Read More

VIDEO: Watch How a ‘Hindi Song’ Landed Zubeen Garg in Trouble!

April 15, 2017: 'Bihu', a musical festival of Assam turned sour for nationally acclaimed singer from Assam Zubeen Garg when he sang a 'Hindi song'. Is such a form of discrimination tolerable at all in the present era? Watch the ...Read More

VIDEO- “One day, I’ll become a big footballer for India”- Chandan Boro, Assam- A heart touching tale!

Here's the story of 9-year old Chandan Boro from Udalguri, Assam. He shares his footballing journey along with talking about his dream of becoming a professional footballer. Source: U Sports

VIDEO: A funny take on ‘Discrimination’ by this girl from Northeast India will keep you positive!

April 15, 2017:  With numerous cases of discrimination coming to light against students from Northeast India, we have become so much accustomed to condemning the act that none of us try to look into the bright side of things and ...Read More