Bollywood film to highlight issues related to Northeast India

Bollywood film to highlight issues related to Northeast India

Northeast India and ‘the rest of India’- a raging issue which fails to be raised in the media effectively, will now be depicted through a mainstream Bollywood Feature film.

Imphal, a film directed by Vikas K Dwivedi, would be a benchmark in the history of Indian popular cinema as it would provide the viewers with a deep insight into the world whose problems are rarely highlighted in the collective consciousness.

It is believed that the film would feature major celebrities who support Northeast-related issues as well as a cast from Northeastern states. The main theme of the film is to highlight the inner and outer conflict of mind among the Northeast Indians with respect to their social, political, and traditional cultures.

The film would also allegedly highlight major issues that have plagued that part of India, even before Independence.

The story of the film has been developed after much research into its history and leg work. Many real life stories, view points, and experiences of people have been taken into consideration during the research of this film.

The music and sets of this film would take the audience to the Northeast, capturing its essence and bring people face to face with the realities of life in Northeast India. Lastly, the film would dwell not just on the problems faced by the people living in those parts, but would also showcase the beauty of the culture and traditions followed by the people there. The film would also give a glimpse into the natural beauty and calm environment of the Northeastern states.



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