BJP uses NPP as ‘Trojan horse’ to come to power in Meghalaya: Gaurav Gogoi

BJP uses NPP as ‘Trojan horse’ to come to power in Meghalaya: Gaurav Gogoi

By Our Reporter, TNT News | Shillong, Feb 14, 2018:

The Congress leaders continue to lambast the saffron party for its alleged attempt to make a back door entry in Meghalaya by using the regional forces.

In his latest remark, the Congress spokesperson and Assam MP, Gaurav Gogoi accused the BJP of using the regional parties like the NPP as ‘Trojan horse’ for the sake of attaining power in Meghalaya.

“It is quite unfortunate that it is a party like the NPP that has become a ‘Trojan horse’ for the BJP, RSS, Amit Shah and Aditya Nath Yogi to make their backdoor entry into Meghalaya,”  Gogoi said while speaking to newsmen here on Wednesday.

He said that the BJP has no role in the history of Northeast and now wants to enter the region by using the regional parties.

“According to our political calculation, we can see that how they claimed the government in Manipur with NPP’s support. How in Nagaland, they are trying to form the Government with NDPP. In Meghalaya, they are trying to form the Government with the help of regional parties,” the Congress MP said.

He also observed that it is really unfortunate to see that all the BJP leaders are coming to Meghalaya with money power. “But money cannot buy votes,” Gogoi said.

He said that the people of Meghalaya have to realize that voting for a regional party whether it is for the NPP or other parties is same as voting for BJP.

“We have realised that this election is about protecting the unique identity and culture and expression of faith of people of Meghalaya. You must understand the fact that development is not going to happen under the BJP,” the Congress spokesperson said.

Reacting to NPP CM candidate Conrad Sangma’s claims of fixing the roads and creating jobs if NPP comes to power, Gogoi said “My simple question to the NPP CM candidate is — if he could not get the visa of the President of the World Baptist Alliance then what jobs would you create and what road would you build. The NPP is part of the Government in Manipur. You could have used the MLAs to put pressure on the BJP Govt to get the visa.”

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He said that the BJP is doing nothing on the development front.

“But they are doing everything on RSS issue like Ghar Wapsi or Love Jihad which only shows that the political objective of the RSS are being serve through the BJP Government,” the Congress spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, MPCC working president, Vincent H Pala exuded confidence that the Congress alone will form the Government.

While pointing out that the Congress on its own is contesting all the 60 seats, he said that the Congress is not like the BJP which is fighting against the regional parties in some seats and at the time have some kind of seat adjustment with them.

“We don’t need to do that. We will acquire the support of other parties to form the Government,” he said.

When asked whether Manipur’s episode will be repeated in Meghalaya, Pala replied in a negative.

“The BJP had won 14 to 16 seats in Manipur. But the BJP will not win a single seat in Meghalaya. Therefore, the situation in Meghalaya will be totally different,” the MPCC working president said.

On the party achievement, he said that they will soon release the party manifesto where the various achievements of the Congress would be highlighted.




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