“BJP in Jalukbari will not accept an autocratic former Congress leader like Himanta”- Niren Deka

“BJP in Jalukbari will not accept an autocratic former Congress leader like Himanta”- Niren Deka

GUWAHATI: Niren Deka, a former student leader and the candidate planted by Congress in Jalukbari constituency to stop Himanta Biswa Sarma has claimed that Sarma who had joined BJP on August 28 last has no fan following among the senior BJP members in the constituency.

In a telephonic interview with TNT- The Northeast Today, the former student leader has said, “Himanta and his hooligans have tortured the BJP followers of the constituency to that extent that the BJP workers could not even dare to open a permanent BJP office in Jalukbari. Himanta Biswa Sarma’s goons had broken a newly constructed office of the BJP while he was a Congress Minister. So if Himanta is thinking that the BJP followers in the constituency would accept him as their leader, then it’s a mistake.”

Niren Deka, who first came to light after winning the Gauhati University Post Graduate Students’ Union in the year  1999-2000 as an independent candidate has recently joined the Congress by leading a mammoth bike rally. Himanta was representing the Jalukbari constituency for the last fifteen years before he resigned from his post following instruction of BJP top brass after his induction into the saffron party.

“Himanta Biswa Sarma tactfully managed to fool the people of Jalukabri with cheap publicity stunts. He was a powerful minister of Congress. But he did not provide any good job to the youths other than distributing some fourth grade and third grade posts. He never tried to produce any good leader from the area who can represent Congress. People of Jalukabri does not even know where the Rajib Bhawan is,” said Niren Deka.

The forty plus leader Niren Deka is the “local leader” for the people of Jalukbari as he claims. “I belong to Jalukbari. My home is in Bejera. I have seen Jalukbari since my birth. Himanta is an outside leader. he is from Nalbari and he is blessed enough to rule Jalukbari for fifteen long years.”

“When I saw Himanta was trying to divide the people of my home place on communal lines, I thought it’s high time that people of Jalukbari get a new leader for them. Himanta has made Jalukbari the camp of some RSS goons. This has to be stopped. Himanta is a gone leader for Jalukbari. People of Jalukabri has invited me to lead them and so I will give my best” said Niren Deka.

Niren Deka, who was first invited by Anjan Dutta to join the Congress and fight against Himanta Biswa Sarma later decided to do so after a meeting with CP Joshi, AICC General Secretary in-charge who was in Guwahati last month.

“For the last thirty years, Bhrigu Phuka has ruled Jalukbari who was not a local representative. After that, Himanta ruled Jalukabri again for 15 years. Now Jalukbari needs local leader. People has seen that leader in me.”

Niren Deka put the last nail in the coffin stating, “The BJP itself is against Himanta in Jalukbari. He might be able to charm the new members of the saffron party but again who would accept a former autocratic Congress leader, no matter how glamorous his transition is.”



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