Assam’s rich culture & tradition in Bollywood spotlight

Assam’s rich culture & tradition in Bollywood spotlight

GUWAHATI, February 7, 2018: Inspired by the lifestyle of Assam, London UK Films has decided to make a commercial Hindi feature film named “Nange Pair” based on the tradition, culture and lifestyle of Assam.

The project will be assisted by a team comprising two members of London UK Films, Eric Ollerenshaw Obe and John Rowe, the film’s director Sachin Karande and actor Rajdeep Choudhury have started visiting different locations in the Barak Valley

Talking to the media, Karande on Tuesday said that the idea behind making the film is to showcase the rich cultural heritage and traditional flavours of Assam and promote its unexplored beauty. “Through this film, we want to provide something new to our viewers. We want to explore the immaculate charisma of Assam and present it before the people in the best way possible.”

He said that this would be the first full-fledged Bollywood film under the banner of London UK Films. He also added, “The shooting will begin after the locations are selected. Hopefully, it will get completed in the next five to six months. We have also decided to approach Gulzar Sahab (renowned lyricist) for the film”.

TNT news with inputs from The Telegraph

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