Assam youth voice against ‘Gender Profiling’ after journos share pictures of ladies outside wine store

Assam youth voice against ‘Gender Profiling’ after journos share pictures of ladies outside wine store

Shweta Raj Kanwar | January 24, 2018

Social media may be a boon for many but the repercussions of underrated posts that seems to pick up pace faster than credible issues cannot be undermined. As unmoderated as it may seem, social media is definitely not for the faint hearted as one requires a heart of steel and a strong morale to encounter irrational minds attacking you from all sides.

In a similar case of ‘Media Policing’, a picture of two ladies standing outside a wine store went viral on social media. The sharer of the post, apparently a journalist with a media house in Guwahati pointed out that on the pious occasion of Saraswati Puja, 2 ladies were purchasing alcohol thereby insulting the festivity as well as the culture and tradition of the Hindus. The post was apparently shared by yet another journalist with a huge fan following and the post immediately went viral following this.

But the point to be noted here was how the people (mostly from Northeast Indian states) made rational judgements (barring a few) and questioned the rights of the media to make general assumptions about people and their behaviour, also known as gender profiling. Social media went on a rant with people sharing the pictures of the ladies and questioning the journalists and their rationality:

The above post accompanied by many others led to one of the journalists rendering a formal apology in his social media handles which was accepted pretty well by many. Females went on to counter the post by clicking images of themselves near wine store to prove that ‘Gender Profiling’ is definitely not the way to go.

Media persons and journalists sometimes fail to realize the long term impacts of their social media posts. Journos have a huge follower base and people look up to them for credible and useful information. And where media begins sharing such posts and making generalizations, it is young rational minds like these who bring people on the right track, or atleast try to do so.

Somebody once said, “I think journalism is a great way to do public service, to have an impact on your community”. It is time to bring about a positive impact through credible news. Journalists cannot make generalizations and cannot take sides.



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