Assam: Woman burnt alive for dowry in Gitanagar

Assam: Woman burnt alive for dowry in Gitanagar

GUWAHATI, February 14, 2018: In a tragic incident of domestic violence, a woman who was one of the victims of dowry in Gitanagar, Guwahati lost her life on Tuesday.

The decease Rekharani Das’s family informed the media that she was tortured by her husband for dowry.

The Husband, Satish Das on Tuesday night who was drunk doused kerosene on her and set her body on fire. Her family admitted her to GMCH but due to 70% writhed burns; she lost her life before getting treatment.

According to the report, she was married with Satish Das since last 13 years. Mother of one daughter, Rekharani was physically and mentally tortured by her husband and father-in-law almost every next day.

After her family filed a case against them, police arrested both husband and father-in-law.

TNT-The Northeast Today news with inputs from DY365

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