Assam: Sweta Agarwal murder case: police yet to file charge sheet

Assam: Sweta Agarwal murder case: police yet to file charge sheet

GUWAHATI, February 12, 2018: After days and weeks passed by following the sensational crime that rocked the city regarding safety of women, the police are still yet to file a charge sheet in the Sweta Agarwal murder case.

With the bail of the mother and sister of the accused Govind Singhal recently from the Gauhati High Court has put the parents of the victim in a worried situation.

Father of Sweta, Om Prakash Agarwal said, “Their bail was rejected for around 2 to 4 times in the session court. But now, as Bijan Mahajan, is their defence lawyer, they obtained bail from the high court.”

Om Prakash also said that he is fed up of pressurizing the police to file a charge sheet as the police always comes up with some excuse every other day.

A senior police official said, “The forensic reports had not been received because of which the charge sheet was not filed.” The official further informed that the police have received the forensic report on 9th February and so the charge sheet will be filed within one week.

The police are confident that after the charge sheet is filed, the accused will be convicted as the police are putting all the evidences minutely and meticulously in the charge sheet.

When contacted, the defence lawyer, Bijan Mahajan said, “The matter is subjudice. So it’s better not to comment anything now.”

The mother and sister of the accused have been arrested by the police with allegations of conspiring in the crime and helping the accused to destroy evidence.

The 5th semester student of KC Das College, who topped Grade 12 in the state in 2015, was allegedly killed and burnt within 4 hours after her exams were over on 4th December, 2017.

Her charred body was recovered from Govind Singhal’s house and thereafter the accused mother and sister were arrested along with Singhal.

Moreover, Govind Singhal was taken back to his residence to recreate the crime scene

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